We are pleased to announce that House of Providence has acquired Promise Village

We are pleased to announce that Promise Village has been acquired by House of Providence, which is a program that serves abused, neglected, and troubled children/adolescents who are wards of the State of Michigan. The focus of House of Providence is on foster kids and orphans. Due to this acquisition, many more kids will be helped in the days ahead, but please note that House of Providence does not enroll youth from the private sector.

You may contact them to give donations or learn more about their wonderful efforts on behalf of kids at: 248-328-2445 or 313-579-1825 or visit Thehofp.org - DONATE HERE

NEED PLACEMENT HELP FOR YOUR BOY? If you need help for your child and would like to learn more about other therapeutic programs, please contact Best Choice Network, which offers free and no pressure placement assistance: